National Stock Number : 2320-00-000-0114 | 2320000000114

The official item name is: TRK MAINT 6X4 M876. This item is not hazardous. There are 3 government contracts for stock number 2320-00-000-0114.

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f0965003fa1920001Free Trial2003-09-25
f0965003fa1810015Free Trial2003-09-22
f0965003p04560015Free Trial2003-08-29

Federal Supply Class for 2320-00-000-0114

2320 - Trucks and Truck Tractors, Wheeled

Includes: Includes Panel, Delivery and Pick Up Trucks, Military Cargo Carrying Vehicles, including Wheel Mounted Amphibian Vehicles; Truck Tractors and Trailer Combinations.

Excludes: Excludes Fire Trucks; Special Construction Type Earth and Rock Hauling Trucks; Motorized Air Compressors; Motorized Concrete Mixers; Construction Specialized Machinery Generally; Specially designed trucks for use in and around airfields, hangers, and warehouses; Vehicles specifically designed and/or modified for combat, assault, and tactical situations. Tracked and Halftracked Vehicles. Wheeled Self-Propelled Combat, Assault, and Tactical Vehicles with or without amphibian capabilities; Armored Wheeled Vehicles; Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (2355); Self-Propelled Wheeled Sleds; and Self-Propelled Wheeled Flame Throwers.

Note: Note-This class includes only complete wheel mounted trucks and truck tractors, and chassis therefor. Any end items, assemblies, parts, attachments, or accessories other than complete chassis, for use in or on such trucks or truck tractors are classified in classes other than this class. The combined chassis and body of a special purpose truck, such as a machine shop, mobile laundry, or dental laboratory, is classified in this class. The complete mobile unit, consisting of chassis, body, and additional equipment, as in an equipped truck mounted machine shop, is excluded from this class.

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