National Stock Number : 6540-00-001-0549 | 6540000010549

The official item name is: LENS PLAS P3.75 M2.75. This item is not hazardous. There are 15 government contracts for stock number 6540-00-001-0549. Execution of this contract spans from November 11, 1988 and January 1, 1999. A procuring agency is: 97AS: Defense Logistics Agency

Recent contract actions
Government ContractDelivery OrderLine ItemQuantityPriceAgencyAward Date
sp020098d5005C0010001Free Trial1999-01-12
sp020096ma833MODF0005Free Trial1995-12-17
sp020096ma058MODF0001Free Trial1995-10-11
sp020095mb359MODF0001Free Trial1994-12-09
sp020094mc813MODF0004Free Trial1994-03-02

Federal Supply Class for 6540-00-001-0549

6540 - Ophthalmic Instruments, Equipment, and Supplies

Includes: Includes Ophthalmic Lens Cutting and Grinding Machine; Ophthalmic Lenses and Lens Blanks; Spectacle Frames; Ophthalmological and Optometric Instruments, Equipment, and Supplies.

Excludes: Excludes Optical Lens Cutting and Grinding Machines: Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope Set; Surgical Instruments and Supplies that can be used by other medical disciplines; i.e., sutures, eye pads, eye shields, eye bath, and the like.

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